Kate Upton Marriage Proposal Includes ‘Magical’ Engagement Ring

Kate Upton’s marriage proposal came from an unlikely source this past week…

In a related report by The Inquisitr, V magazine claims we’ve seen Kate Upton nude way too much and some fashion designers are apparently trying to get her to wear more clothing. Kate Upton’s Super Bowl experience was interesting mostly because we got to see videos of her learning to do a snap (better than Peyton Manning) and doing a touchdown dance.

Upton’s relationship status is pretty much an unknown at this point. One thing we know for certain is that she did break up with Maksim. There were also rumors that she was back with Justin Verlander because the pair happened to be hanging out a lot during the big game.

Apparently, they like hanging out sports games in general because the pair was spotted getting cozy together during an Orlando Magic game. Kate was photographed with her arm around Justin so perhaps they are more than “just friends” again?

Regardless, the Magic mascot Stuff though it’d be funny to pull a prank when Verlander disappeared for only five seconds. Stuff swooped in for the kill and proposed to Upton with a giant engagement ring, beating Verlander to the punch:

Justin isn’t mad and instead they all posed together for a photo with Kate Upton. It seems Stuff even thinks he has a real chance at making it to the wedding…