Wi-Fi Sync Developer Upset With Apple’s Very Similar “Wi-Fi Sync” Option For iOS 5

In May 2010 Wi-Fi Sync developer Greg Hughes submitted his app to Apple for approval in the App Store and his program was rejected, but not before Apple’s own engineers mentioned how “impressed” they were with his work. Fast forward just over one year later and Apple has announce “Wi-Fi Sync” for their iOS 5 mobile operating system.

That’s right folks, Apple didn’t even both to change the name of the program before they stole it and as far as we can tell they have made no attempt to pay Hughes his work which they called “impressive” in the first place.

How popular is the app? After being rejected by Apple it was placed in the Cydia store where it has been downloaded 50,000 times at $10 per download.

According to Hughes he was “fairly shocked” to see the Wi-Fi Sync option announced, however he has not said whether or not he will sue Apple for stealing his intellectual property.

Take a look at the two programs logos (shown at the top of this post), apparently Apple couldn’t even come up with their own original logo with their design department either.