2011 Hartford Colonials schedule analysis

The United Football League released their schedules today, and the entire Hartford Colonials schedule can be seen here. What we have here is a five team league, and their schedule reflects that greatly. Right now, today, having just five teams is a major obstacle for this upstart league to over come. As we see the match ups can get a little stale, and there is only so much a league can do with five teams.

The Colonials will open up the season on August 13th with a match up that should provide a lot of press. Jerry Glanville will coach this team and their first game is at the Virginia Destroyers and their new head coach Marty Schottenheimer. That match up should provide this team with a little traction. Of course since they have a bye in week two all of that gain could easily be forgotten.

In week Three the Colonials get their first big test taking on the Sacramento Mountain Lions who are a far better second half team than the first half of the UFL season. Why that is I do not know, but over the past two years the Mountain Lions get better as the season unfolds. The Colonials will see them again in week eight.

Week Four is another big week for the Colonials as they will travel to Las Vegas to tackle the two time UFL champion Locos. They will play them at home in week five and I really wish the UFL would not schedule games like that back to back. It looks to be the only such occurrence on the current schedule and one wonder if they could not have gotten around that some how.

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