Kendall Jenner Takes Worst Selfie EVER Days After Pictures Surface Of Her Kissing Harry Styles

Kendall Jenner decided to take the “no filter” approach on Instagram earlier this week. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite pan out as she may have expected. A couple days ago, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star spent some time on set with New York fashion stylist Bryan Marryshow, experimenting with several different looks for a photo shoot.

Between sets, Harry Style’s sweetheart took time to share a couple selfies with fans. However, they weren’t what most would have expected. A typical Kardashian-Jenner selfie is usually comprised of cleavage and back shots, but Jenner’s latest images have proved quite different.

The 19-year-old upcoming model posted two side-by-side pictures with no make-up and no filter. While she wanted to simply reveal her natural beauty, the pictures didn’t do her much justice.

A number of media outlets, namely Fish Wrapper, shared their disdain of her natural look coining her picture as a Frankenstein selfie, comparing her to a monster.

Its clear the picture definitely isn’t one of her best. But, it only proves that she’s human like everyone else!

While some may have taken the scrutiny a bit far, there may be a reason why. Since the evolution of “Hendall,” there’s been a lot of shade thrown in Jenner’s direction. She actually garnered a lot of attention last weekend for another picture that surfaced on Instagram. That particular picture sent the media into a frenzy.

Although a number of media outlets had already reported Styles’ romantic birthday with Jenner, the picture sent the coverage over the top.

So, the flack may have more to do with growing number of haters she’s received due to her romance with One Direction star Harry Styles. The couple’s most recent show of affection may have also turned some of the pop heartthrob’s fans green with envy. However, the picture is NOT what it seems.

Its actually not Jenner and Styles. Although it looks quite deceiving on first glance, the picture is actually one Vanessa Hudgens’ sister Stella and her boyfriend Alec Holden, reports the Daily Star.

But nevertheless, its quite clear that Styles doesn’t have a problem with Jenner’s natural beauty although her selfie may have been a botch job in the eyes of most viewers.