OMFG! A Hoverbike. Seriously, a hoverbike.

Never mind that Harley. Forget that Kawasaki. Throw that Yamaha Shadow to the curb because the time of the Landspeeder has arrived.

Okay so it isn’t exactly the Landspeeder from Star Wars but damn folks it’s the closest thing we have yet to that iconic vehicle of the future all thanks to Australian Chris Malloy.

Right now it is just a prototype and restricted to hovering while tied up but as far as Chris is concerned the future of his hoverbike is full of awesomeness.

Chris Malloy’s prototype hoverbike has so far not done anything but hover while tied to the ground, but that is in no way stopping its designer from making all kinds of wildly optimistic projections about its performance and availability. Expect this thing to be able to travel at upwards of 170 mph, and you can take it to 10,000 feet (or even higher, with oxygen), although you’ll probably have more fun whipping around trees down low, just make sure and look out for hooligans wielding light sabers.


The cost of this beauty: estimated to be around $40,000 each by the time that Malloy goes into production. In the meantime here’s some images of your future ride.