Kendrick Lamar Says He Was Incredibly Excited To Meet Dr. Dre

Kendrick Lamar was extremely excited to meet up with legendary rapper and producer Dr. Dre for the very first time.

While most people might get a serious case of the butterflies during their first encounter with Dre, apparently Lamar managed to keep everything together. According to the rapper, he was simply too excited to worry about his nerves.

“I was very excited. I wasn’t nervous at all. I was more excited, because I knew that this was my shot, everything that l’ve worked for, everything I’ve built up to came down to that moment,” Kendrick Lamar said during a recent interview.

Lamar and Dr. Dre joined forces for “Compton,” a track that found its way onto the rapper’s major-label debut good kid, m.A.A.d city. If you haven’t heard the tune, then have a listen below.

Dr. Dre isn’t the only famous rapper Kendrick Lamar has teamed up with in recent months. He also worked with Drake on the track “Buried Alive Interlude” from the Canadian rapper’s album Take Care. According to Lamar, it didn’t take very long for the pair to strike up a friendship.

“I went on his Club Paradise tour and we really built a bond, a relationship, since the first time we met. He put me on his album, which was the interlude, red light interlude. We always said it was gonna work. It was just about finding the right song, that was the right song,” Kendrick explained.

If Lamar’s career crashes and burns, then he only has himself to blame. Not only did the rapper work with Dr. Dre, he also learned some important tips and tricks from Kanye West during the Yeezus tour.

Kendrick Lamar told Revolt last year:

“A lot of people don’t get the opportunity to be on a major stage in front of that many people and be able to learn. I’m just taking it all in stride and being a student of the game because Kanye [West], he’s a great performer. I’m not too shabby, like I said, again, but I’m just there really to challenge myself, grow myself and take that next level.”

To top all of this off, Lamar received high marks from fans and critics for his collaboration with Imagine Dragons at the 204 Grammy Awards. Their performance was so popular that they joined forces one more time on Saturday Night Live.

Are you a fan of Kendrick Lamar? What do you think about the rapper working with so many talented individuals these days?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]