Jared Leto: I’m Finished Losing Weight For Hollywood Roles

Jared Leto said he’s finished losing weight for the boys and girls in Hollywood.

In case you haven’t heard, the 30 Seconds to Mars singer dropped several pounds to portray Rayon in the acclaimed drama Dallas Buyers Club. Although shedding the weight helped him get into character, Leto said he’s unlikely to do something along those lines again.

Since the actor scored over 30 awards for his work in the flick, everyone is eager to pick Jared Leto’s brain about his performance. During a recent conversation with Attitude magazine, the singer revealed that he’d finished losing weight for Hollywood.

“It does take its toll and it’s not something I will ever do again. It’s a really hard thing to do to your body. When you do it over a short period of time it’s incredibly brutal,” the actor told the publication.

He continued, “I was playing someone who was not only addicted to drugs but also dying. When you lose weight it’s not only about how you look, it’s how it affects you as a person, and your performance, and it changes so much about how you are. The fragility that all provides was essential to the part.”

Considering the problems he faced shooting the flick Chapter 27, Jared Leto is probably finished gaining weight as well. The Inquisitr previously reported that the actor had to contend with a case of gout after gaining nearly 70 pounds to portray Mark David Chapman.

“Really, it’s a stupid thing to do. I got gout, and my cholesterol went up so fast in such a short time that my doctors wanted to put me on Lipitor, which is for much, much older people. Again, though, a fascinating journey,” Leto said.

He added, “I had some reservations [about the role] because I love everything John Lennon ever did. But in the end I wanted to explore a specimen embodying the total failure of humanity, just walk down this brutal path again.”

Unfortunately for fans, Leto previously stated that he has no desire to rush into another film project at the moment. For the moment, he remains completely dedicated to his band 30 Seconds to Mars.

“If something as seductive came along, I would jump at the chance to have that opportunity. But movies like this don’t come along that often. So we’ll see,” he explained.

Are you a fan of Jared Leto? What do you think about all the weight he lost to portray Rayon in director Jean-Marc Vallée’s Dallas Buyers Club?