Florida Zombie Attack Threatened Cops With Carving Knife

Patrick Frye

A Florida zombie attack featured a man with a carving knife cutting himself repeatedly before going after cops.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, one naked zombie in Delray Beach with "superhuman strength" tried to bite off the face of a teenager before being gunned down by police. The case has chilling similarities to that of Rudy Eugene, a Miami cannibal who was shot dead by police in 2012 as he chewed off a homeless man's face. (Makes you wonder if something is in Florida's water...)

In this case the Florida zombie was named Ian Michael Saum and witnesses say he was spotted wielding a carving street while ambling slowly down the driveway in the middle of the afternoon. Saum's grandmother tried to pull the knife from the man's hands as he continued to cut himself but a neighbor called her away, fearing for her safety.

Neighbor Josh McMinn says he tried to reason with Saum for about 15 minutes while his family called the police:

"A lot of people need help, but he needs a lot more attention. Something in his life is lost."

When the deputies arrived they demanded that Saum put down his knife, but he ignored them and started coming at them slowly. Twice the cops shot tasers into the man but the barbs didn't attach properly. McCinn says when Saum "just kept walking toward them like a zombie with a knife" the deputies shot him with a gun, dropping him to the ground. Acting like a zombie once again, even after being shot the man continued to fight the deputies after they approached. The police had Saum airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he's being treated.

Witnesses say the shooting of the Florida zombie was justified. Saum's family was trying to get the man psychological help but he resisted in the past. Misty York, McMinn's 34-year-old girlfriend, explained:

"He's not dropping the knife so he must want to be shot. Suicide by cop."