Sony “May Never Know” Details of PSN Hack

Sony may have managed to restore PlayStation Network services (after nearly a month), but they don’t appear to be any closer towards figuring out who was behind the hacks. Speaking to BBC Click, Hirai stated that Sony knew that account information was accessed, but they haven’t been able to determine what was taken.

“We do know that the [account] information was accessed. We don’t know, however, what part of the hundred million accounts were actually taken from the servers. For example, it might be a hundred million first names, it might be a hundred million last four digits and phone numbers — we just don’t know,” he explained.

Hirai went on to say in the interview that the hackers were “very good” at hiding their tracks, and that Sony may never know who was behind the hack or the specifics on what information was taken.

If you’d like to watch the interview for yourself, click here.