New Forza 4 Gameplay Vids Show Top Gear Test Track, Yellow Ferrari

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a car enthusiast, but driving around virtual space in cars I’ll likely never be able to touch, much less afford, is still an absolute blast. Clearly, then, I’m pretty excited about Forza Motorsport 4 – especially after seeing the following videos.

GameTrailers uploaded two off-screen gameplay videos of the upcoming racing sim over on their site earlier today and, despite being cam footage, it looks phenomenal. Shown in the video is a lap around the infamous Top Gear test track, followed by a race with a yellow Ferrari. Yes, I said a yellow Ferrari.

Blasphemous color choice aside, the game seems to be shaping up nicely. Even in off-screen footage, the game’s improved lighting is very noticeable and the ridiculous amount of detail in the cars shines through just as well as if it were direct feed.

Check out the following two videos to get a glimpse of what developer Turn 10 is doing with Forza Motorsport 4.