Presidential Fitness Challenge Grows Up With Adult Gymgoers Reviving Grade School Regime

Ugh, the Presidential Fitness Challenge.

As a bookish but chubby schoolkid, I hated that I could never do better than a C in gym class. My distaste for unnecessary federal intervention may have started in 6th grade gym class as I struggled to do a single pull up with my pathetic flabby little arms. The workouts just seemed so rigorous and intense to my library-conditioned pre-teen lardass self. That stupid certificate never did prove accessible.

So it’s no surprise that the program is attracting gymgoers across the country at chains like LA Fitness, where they are implementing the albatross of grade school fat kids for their own adult workout routines. The program’s website ( even has a page to include the grown-ups who want to incorporate its principles outside PE:

The President’s Challenge isn’t just for schoolkids anymore. It’s for anyone who wants to track their physical activities and improve their fitness. Maybe you want to lose a few pounds or gain muscle mass? We can help you do that. (And our BMI calculator will help put your weight in perspective.)

Texas’ describes some of the ways adults can participate, and how the grown-u[ program differs from the one you may recall:

Today, though, the adult President’s Fitness Challenge is a web-based program friendly to all fitness levels, from complete beginners to seasoned athletes.

Best of all, it caters to real activities that real people want to do. No more chin ups or timed miles. Whatever your pleasure, from soccer to running, weight training to dancing, there is a way to log it and track your fitness.

Interested in reviving your fitness routine of yore? You can locate your nearest LA Fitness here.