Farrah Abraham Tries To Block Second Sex Tape From Being Released

Farrah Abraham is doing her best to block a second sex tape from being released, saying she never consented to a sequel to her sex tape debut.

The Teen Mom star is reportedly gearing up legal action against Vivid, the adult film company that is set to release the sequel Backdoor Teen Mom. Farrah said the movie is simply extra footage from her original tape.

TMZ reported:

“Abraham’s lawyer reportedly said she was ‘a mother, a public figure, and an author,’ and not a porn star, and that he was unable to keep Vivid’s founder and co-chairman Steve Hirsch from releasing the film.”

The movie is due out Thursday, February 13. Abraham’s lawyer said they unsuccessfully tried to put a stop to the release, leading TMZ to speculate that she may have signed a release authorizing the use of content.

Farrah Abraham reportedly took home $1 million from the release of her original tape.

Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham has more controversy in her personal life. After claiming that she was physically abused by her parents for years, Farrah’s father Michael Abraham responded not be confirming or denying the allegation. Instead, Michael simply said he is “praying” for his daughter.

Farrah had claimed that Michael and father Debra Michaelson had used a leather belt to beat her when she misbehaved as a child. On Friday Michael responded, saying no one understands the “pain” that Farrah has experienced in her life.

“People that trash her and our family don’t know the problems and pain Farrah and us have had to deal with…” Michael explained on Facebook. “We are strong. We have hope. I pray for my daughter and every woman that has had to deal with such matters.”

Farrah Abraham had had also claimed she was drugged and raped while promoting the release of her first sex tape.