Demi Lovato Fans Aren’t Surprised That ‘The X Factor’ Was Canceled

Demi Lovato fans aren’t surprised that FOX decided to kick The X Factor to the proverbial curb.

Lovato revealed last year that she wouldn’t return for another season of the singing competition. Instead, she intended to focus her energies on the upcoming Neon Lights tour. Simon Cowell said the search was on to find a suitable replacement.

According to reports, The X Factor was recently canceled due to the program’s inability to generate a strong and faithful audience. In addition to averaging only seven million viewers per episode, the finale’s viewership was down 45 percent from the previous season. As a result, the network pulled the plug.

Simon Cowell said in a recent statement:

“I’ve had a fantastic time over the last 12 years, both on ‘The X Factor’ and ‘American Idol.’ And apart from being lucky enough to find some amazing talent on the shows, I have always had an incredible welcome from the American public (most of the time!). Last year, for a number of reasons, I had to make a decision to return to the U.K. version of ‘The X Factor’ in 2014. So for now, I’m back to the U.K. and I want to thank FOX for being an incredible partner and I also want to thank everybody who has supported my shows. America, I’ll see you soon!”

While some folks are probably shocked that FOX decided to bid farewell to The X Factor, Demi Lovato fans aren’t too surprised by the news. In their opinion, the show wouldn’t last without the singer’s presence.

Check out some of their reactions to the news below.

Demi Lovato was the one who gave rating to X factor! xD hahaha X factor is worthless withtout Demi….

— PuertoRicanLovatics (@Lovatics_PR) February 8, 2014

it's only natural that x factor got cancelled like how do you recover from having demi lovato on the show like how would you even

— ♡ (@timelesslovato) February 8, 2014

"The X Factor USA has been canceled by FOX about 2 months after Demi Lovato's departure." Chill with the impact @ddlovato

— IG:ddlovato (@lovatoest) February 8, 2014

Of course, not everyone is very nice on Twitter.

Are you a fan of Demi Lovato? What do you think about The X Factor biting the dust roughly two months after the singer left the show?