Justin Bieber’s Lawyers Seek Block On Images Of ‘Intimate Personal Parts’

Justin Bieber is often seen in a shirtless state. However, being viewed in states of undress before changing into an orange jumpsuit in police custody is clearly a state too far.

Lawyers for the 19-year-old singer have filed a motion asking a judge to stop semi-clad or semi-naked images of the teen videotaped on CCTV while in Miami Beach police custody after his suspected DUI arrest last month, from being released to the media,

A motion was filed late Friday by Bieber’s Miami lawyers Black, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf, Reuters reports.

“While in custody at the Miami Beach police station the defendant was captured on videotape in various states of undress which show intimate personal parts of the defendant’s body,” the motion states.

The singer’s lawyers added the Florida constitution and state law prevent these types of images from being made public.

The filing comes after Miami-Dade state attorney’s office informed Bieber’s legal team that news media outlets had filed public records requests for all videotape footage from his stay in custody.

A day before the motion, CCTV video of Bieber’s processing at Miami Beach police station was released to the media. The pop star is seen pacing in the holding cell area before being asked to remove outer clothing and frisked by an officer.

His lawyers noted in the motion that the video release violates the law, adding they were not told of its existence.

On January 23 Bieber was pulled then arrested on a residential street in Miami Beach while driving a yellow Lamborghini, along with his friend, singer Khalil Sharieff, who drove a red Ferrari. Arresting officers described them as engaged in an illegal street drag race.

Despite a negligible blood alcohol level after breath tests, a toxicology report revealed Justin had marijuana and Xanax in his system at the time of his arrest.

The Canadian has pleaded not guilty to charges of driving under influence, resisting arrest without violence, and driving with an expired license, ahead of a February 14 arraignment he is not expected to attended. A March 3 trial date has been set.

Bieber, who is currently staying in Atlanta, Georgia, was charged with assault in Canada last week for allegedly attacking a Toronto limo driver in December.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Sheriff has recommended a felony charge for the pop prince in an egg-throwing incident he is accused of committing. The District Attorney will decide if a felony or misdemeanor prosecution is merited, or drop the case.

“No decision will be made this week,” L.A.County District Attorney spokesman Ricardo Santiago told CNN Thursday.

Let us know your comments on media outlets requesting video footage of Bieber while in police custody, and whether you think it furthers justice or not?

Justin Bieber Shirtless And Exposed

(Photo: via Mail Online. This is as semi-clad as Bieber gets in public.)