Wisconsin GOP Planning To Run “Fake Democrats” In Recall Elections To “Buy Time”

In a move that will cost Wisconsin tax payers tens of thousands of dollars it is being reported that the GOP, fearing they will lose their majority in the state Senate, plans to run “fake democrats” to increase the amount of time needed to end the July 12 election cycle and likely end their majority run.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the GOP is recruiting members of their own party to run as “fake Democrats” which in turn will force a primary and pust back the general election until August 9.

Due to the GOP’s collective bargaining fight six GOP senators and three Democrats have been called for certified recall elections. According to reports, two Republican incumbents are facing “serious trouble” in their recall fights.

While GOP members claim they are not worried about losing their majority they have been pushing through as much possible legislation as they can before the recall elections occur.