Former Cubbie Busted For DUI, Mark Grace Arrested On Memorial Day

As a Chicago Cubs fanatica it saddens me to report that former Cub Mark Grace was busted on a DUI charge in Scottsdale, Arizona on Memorial Day.

According to the official police report Grace was driving a 2009 Jaguar while weaving in and out of lanes at 1am on May 30. When pulled over Grace admitted to having “a few drinks.” Grace specifically said he drank two glasses of Macallan scotch, including one glass he finished “5 minutes before the stop.”

The current announcer for the Arizona Diamondbacks was said to have “bloodshot and watery eyes” and his wallet with his identification was not on his person at the time of the traffic stop.

When the police offer asked Mark how he thought he did on his field sobriety tests Grace relied “Not well enough.”

The former sluggers blood alcohol levels have not been revealed but are believed to be over the states .08 limit.

Grace faces a DUI, an improper right turn charge, driver’s license not in possession and failure to carry registration in vehicle.