Kim Kardashian Posts Nearly Nude ‘Throwback’ Instagram Snap [Photos]

Kim Kardashian, on the same day she made a surprise appearance on The Tonight Show to help Jay Leno celebrate his final program, marked the internet’s “Throwback Thursday” tradition by posting a rather saucy snap of herself from what appeared to be a 2011 calendar shoot.

“Throwback Thursday” calls for internet users to post photos on social media of themselves, or of a favorite movie or TV star — or anything, really — from sometime in the past. This happens, as the name implies on Thursdays. Kim Kardashian has done well in keeping up with the tradition, posting photos of her younger self and her family, usually showing nothing more risqué than a bikini pose.

But this Thursday, Kim Kardashian reached back to post on her Instagram account a behind-the-scenes shot of herself from a 2010 photo session intended for the Kim Kardashian 2011 16-month wall calendar.

The calendar featured plenty of photographs featuring Kim Kardashian in numerous suggestive poses, revealing varying amounts of skin. But the backstage shot, in which the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is seated in a folding chair while a makeup artist gets to work on her face, shows Kim apparently bare-chested under a short-cropped leather jacket — with fringe, no less.

As if that weren’t enough, Kim Kardashian is wearing no pants.

She has on what Britain’s Daily Mail described, employing a charming Britishism, as “tiny knickers.” The “knickers,” or “underpants” and they’d be called in the United States, appear to give mere threadbare cover to the Kim Kardashian nether region. In fact, they could hardly be called “underpants” at all.

A pair of thigh-high leather boots that can only be described as fetish-wear finish off the scanty enemble.

Ready for this? Here’s the Kim Kardsahian, February 5 “Throwback Thursday” shot:

Kim Kardashian quickly followed up with a more tame and tasteful shot of herself which she accompanied with the message, “Me right now.”

She appears, in the “right now” snap, to be backstage at The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, on which Leno made his final appearance before giving way to new host Jimmy Fallon.

Km Kardashian joined an array of stars, including Oprah Winfrey, Jack Black and Sheryl Crow in the studio to see Leno off, along with taped messages from, among others, Mark Wahlberg and President Barack Obama.