October 21, 2016
Best Exercise Equipment Essential For Getting In Shape

Do you have the best exercise equipment around? Doctors and fitness experts have been stressing the need to keep active and stay fit, but there is a plethora of exercise equipment available -- so what is the best exercise equipment for your needs? It depends on if you are looking for one that does it all or one that targets specific areas. Here is some of the best exercise equipment on the market today.

if you're looking to work the whole body, a great exercise machine comes from Bowflex, a company that has revolutionized the fitness industry by offering a one-machine-does-it-all concept that exercisers and experts agree works the whole body, not just one area. Since its inception, Bowflex home gyms has taken the need to visit the gym out of the equation, allowing for the layman or trainee to work from the comfort of their home. Their all-in-one machines have the possibility of you being able to do 100 different exercises.

If you like the benefits of walking, the best exercise equipment has to include a state-of-the-art step mill which goes above and beyond the standard treadmill as it offers real steps, therefore giving you a better more effective workout. The step mill is a great piece of exercise equipment to have in your home or garage, as it burns more calories than regular walking and targets the glutes and hamstrings.

Another beneficial machine for your upper body, (arms specifically) is called the upper body ergometer. This is great for those who are recovering from an injury but still want to keep a cardiovascular workout. Hovering over a saddle in a mini-squat ensures your glutes, quads, and hamstrings a great workout, while raising your heart rate and strengthening your balance, so make sure you add this to your equipment in your home gym.

One overlooked piece of exercise equipment for your whole body is the rowing machine. This machine is ideal for exercisers who needs a low weight-bearing machine, without the landing force, making it the best exercise equipment that works more major muscle groups than any other cardio tool. It targets the whole body's muscle groups, such as pecs, shoulders, and triceps in the upper body, as well as the shins, quads, and hamstrings, in the lower body.

A shoulder rotator machine can also be helpful as it strengthens the rotator cuff, an area that's not worked enough, therefore is often injured the most. A wrist and forearm machine is particularly helpful for women who have weaker wrist joints than men, so this should be included in your equipment. This machine works the wrist in all directions, while holding the forearms parallel to the floor.

Remember, there is no magic pill; it takes hard work to get in the best shape of your life, and with the best exercise equipment you can get the best workout of your life.