Dylan Farrow Charges Called False By Own Brother In Woody Allen Sex Abuse Case

Jonathan Vankin

Dylan Farrow, who recently renewed her 20-year-old allegations of sexual abuse against her adoptive father, acclaimed filmmaker Woody Allen, has been called a liar by her own brother as the charges have erupted into an ugly family feud.

But 36-year-old Moses Farrow told People Magazine this week that the charges are untrue.

And Dylan Farrow, 28, quickly shot back, also in People, calling statements from her estranged brother a "betrayal" and saying that Moses Farrow is "dead to me."

"Of course Woody did not molest my sister," Moses Farrow told the magazine. "She loved him and looked forward to seeing him when he would visit."

Moses Farrow was also adopted by Woody Allen and Mia Farrow when the director and actress were a couple from about 1980 until their bitter breakup in 1992. During that period, Mia Farrow starred in 13 Woody Allen films, from the 1982 A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy through 1992's Husbands and Wives.

But the romance exploded in acrimony when Mia Farrow discovered nude photographs taken by Woody Allen of another of her adopted children, Soon-Yo Previn, who was 21 at the time. Soon-Yo married Woody Allen five years later, and the couple remain married today.

Woody Allen is now 78, Mia Farrow is 68, and Soon-Yo Previn — who was Farrow's adopted daughter from a previous relationship — is 43.

Moses Farrow said that he does not believe the evidence allows for the alleged incident to have taken place the way his sister described in a letter published as part of a column by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof.

"The day in question, there were six or seven of us in the house. We were all in public rooms and no one, not my father or sister, was off in any private spaces," Moses Farrow told the magazine. "My mother was conveniently out shopping. I don't know if my sister really believes she was molested or is trying to please her mother. Pleasing my mother was very powerful motivation because to be on her wrong side was horrible."

Moses Farrow added that Mia Farrow frequently struck him as a child and "went into unbridled rages if we angered her."

The response of Dylan Farrow was quick and pointed.

"This is such a betrayal to me and my whole family," she said. "My memories are the truth and they are mine and I will live with that for the rest of my life."

She also defended Mia Farrow from her brother's allegations.

"I don't know where he gets this about getting beaten. We were sent to our rooms sometimes," said Dylan Farrow. "I will not see my family dragged down like this. I can't stay silent when my family needs me and I will not abandon them like Soon-Yi and Moses."