Should Terrelle Pryor join the United Football League?

The scandal at thee Ohio State University has led Terrelle Pryor to leave the school forgoing his senior year. He was already suspended for the first five games of their 2011 schedule for trading sports memorabilia for tattoos and he was likely going to have to sit the entire year as the rest of the fallout from this scandal hit the press. This move leaves Pryor in an awkward spot. Normally he would enter the NFL supplemental draft and some team would likely scoop him up and give him a shot at QB. However, Pryor needs to rehab his image a bit, and work on his skill set and the best option for him right now would be to sign up with the United Football League.

I say normally because the expired NFL CBA does not contain language about a 2011 supplemental draft, it only guaranteed a regular draft so Pryor would have to wait out the NFL lockout, and then wait for the league to set rules for the supplemental draft. Neither of those things are going to happen on any kind of a timeline that will help Pryor start rehabbing his image or working on his skills..

That leaves the UFL as his only, and really best option. This league is populated with a ton of former NFL coaches and he would likely get a chance to start, and he would help bring more attention to a league that frankly could use it. This is a classic win win. Pryor gets to work on his skills and earn a NFL job and the UFL gets another big name to help them market the league.

In my mind the Las Vegas Locos make a lot of sense for Pryor. He could work with Head Coach Jim Fassel who was a QB himself and has worked with a number of big time QB talents during his professional career. A move like this would also give the Locos a big name to help them make a bigger impact in Sin City.

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