Ann Coulter Back With Reasoned Critique of Progressive America

Kim LaCapria

Just kidding, she's still foaming at the mouth.

Ann Coulter has released a new book entitled “DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America.” Without a hint of irony respective to the actions of Americans who align themselves with the Tea Party, Coulter lays out a case for alarmist rhetoric and group-think- characteristics she heavily ascribes to Progressives.

Coulter sat down with CNN to discuss the content of her new release, and opined:

But to answer the question: The liberal mob has always been dangerous. The new danger is that conservatives and other peaceable Americans don't fully comprehend how scary mobs are. There's always a potential for violence with a mob. The rioting, bombings and property destruction went from zero to 100 pretty quickly in the sixties, but then Nixon, the hardhats, the National Guard and others struck back hard. And that was the end of that.
I don't know how conservatives would react to the same upheaval today, but I am pessimistic that they could rouse themselves to be as forceful. Americans need to be constantly reminded that you can't reason with a mob. Only force works.