Erik Estrada: Not dead and still rescuing babies

Erik Estrada, beloved as cheesy, motorcycle driving highway patrol officer Frank Poncherello in the television series, CHiP’s is now rescuing babies in real life, as a reserve officer for the Indiana Police Department.

Indiana Muncie Police confirm that during one of Erik’s midnight shifts, “he spotted a man and his girlfriend walking with a baby in the snow in 10 degree weather at 2 AM. The baby was only dressed in pajamas.”

Erik confronted the elements, facing the freezing temperature head on and “got them inside.” So its not exacly like the TV show where he would have abseiled down a cliff face to rescue the baby using only his pubic hair to make a rope (well it was the 70s).

Anyway hats off to you Erik Estrada, we had no idea you weren’t dead.