Pizza Hut by the Slice–Will it Catch On?

Pizza Hut is now testing pizza by the slice at select locations. The pizza behemoth has long been known as the place to get a gooey, cheesy pie for the whole family. Former forays into the salad bar, dessert, and pasta industries have met with varying degrees of success, but they have always attempted to stay on top of dining trends–with the exception, of course, flouting the whole low-carb craze with its pasta-filled bread bowls.

Whether or not Pizza Hut will continue to cater to single portions will depend on how the by-the-slice testing goes. However, since people are becoming more health-conscious and controlling their portions more, it may be one of the smartest decisions the pizza giant can make. Offering a pie slice by slice will allow Pizza Hut to break into the fast-moving on-the-go lunch crowd. Before, to get a Pizza Hut lunch, you had to go in, be seated, and have a whole pie to split with coworkers or friends, or you were faced with taking home a bunch of leftover pizza.

By offering pizza by the slice, Pizza Hut gives its customers more options and doesn’t require a huge commitment. Of course, other chain restaurants are breaking into certain trends too: McDonald’s is testing a build-your-own-burger option at some locations, and Chipotle is trying out a personalized pizza restaurant in some locations. Pizza Hut’s major competitor, Domino’s, has been following the by-the-slice trends in some areas, which may seem to make the Hut look behind the times, but that’s not necessarily the case.

People tend to stay loyal to their favorites, and while some prefer Domino’s or other pizza chains, many remain faithful to Pizza Hut. That means the by-the-slice option will be like a goldmine to people who prefer Pizza Hut but don’t want to commit to a full sit-down dinner or carryout or delivery service. It will be easier to get pizza on the go and not have to deal with leftovers, full table service or big price tags.

Whether the pizza-by-the-slice trends work out for Pizza Hut will remain to be seen, but if the restaurant can place its individual serving restaurants in places where people are more likely to be alone or in a hurry, and create more locations offering the single servings, it could be rather successful in this endeavor. It could be the perfect option for busy, on-the-go consumers.