Justin Bieber Hits Atlanta Studio And Club With Diddy, Dupri, Rick Ross [Video]

Justin Bieber hit Atlanta’s studio and party scene with rap mogul Diddy, producer Jermaine Dupri, producer-rapper-actor Rick Ross and other big music names on Wednesday night.

The 19-year-old superstar and his new girl, model Chantel Jeffries, 21, mingled at Atlanta’s Vanquish Lounge for a Diddy-hosted Ciroc VIP Party. Other guests included rappers T.I., Trinidad James and Wale.

At some point during the night a multi-gold chain wearing Bieber posted an Instagram of himself with head bowed and hands clasped in prayer, standing next to Ross, Diddy, Wale, Stalley, and Dupri in a recording studio. The image was captionless except for an icon he has taken to using of late.

“#RP @justinbieber 4:00am in Atlanta workin on that #MMM,” the Bad Boy CEO wrote, Vibe reports, while musing it could mean a future cameo for the young singer on Ross’ forthcoming Mastermind album helmed by Diddy.

As is usual with the so far untameable teen idol, Bieber later removed the black motif sweater he was spotted arriving in to get down to the serious business of shirtless partying shirtless.

Celebrity gossip site TMZ reports the Canadian teen stuck to bottled water all night. As for other substances the jury’s out, for the time being.

Bieber’s presence at Diddy’s night is an improvement on his recent almost complete shut-out from New York clubs over the Super Bowl weekend.

Multiple reports stated the embattled singer and his 10-strong crew were denied entry to the exclusive 1 Oak nightclub and at least four other Super Bowl-related events on Friday, due to a consensus among proprietors that the young star is “radioactive.”

Justin’s arrival at New Jersey’s Teterboro airport earlier that day was no less headline-making.

According to an official law enforcement report, the pilots of the Gulfstream IV plane were forced to wear oxygen masks to prevent any contact inhalation of marijuana smoked by the singer, his father Jeremy, and others on the hotboxed flight.

Bieber and the mile-high massive are also accused of being “extremely abusive verbally” to a female flight attendant, to the extent that after the captain warned them to desist smoking and “harassing” the hostess, she withdrew to the cockpit and has vowed never to work on a flight with the singer again.

The plane was searched by Drug Enforcement Administration, Customs officials, and two drug-sniffing dogs on landing. No drugs were found, but trace substances were detected on the plane which reportedly “reeked”of marijuana.

Justin Bieber And Diddy Hit The Atlanta Party Circuit On Wednesday Night

(Photo: Via Atlpics.net Bieber, Diddy and Its_beasy instagram accounts)

None of the flight crew wanted to press charges. With no physical drugs found, Justin — who allegedly admitted to investigators that he had smoked pot and drank alcohol during the journey — and his group were allowed to enter the US.

The incident is all the more curious since Bieber reportedly knew he would be searched as he is now on the Homeland Security Watch List due to two criminal charges. The pop prince was charged with alleged DUI and related charges in Miami Beach on January 23, also with alleged assault over an alleged attack on a Toronto limousine driver in December last year.

In addition, Justin remains a suspect in a felony vandalism investigation in Los Angeles for allegedly egging a neighbor’s residence on January 9 in Calabasas. The singer’s home was raided by police five days later.

Justin Bieber And Chantel Jeffries in Atlanta

(Photo: Celebuzz)

Bieber previously lived in the Georgia capital in 2008 when he first moved to the States to be steered by his mentor Usher and Scooter Braun. He was spotted at an ice rink on Tuesday evening mixing it up with junior ice-hockey team, the Atlanta Knights, later dropping in on rapper T-Pain to record music and play video games.

With recent reports of the heartthrob’s former girlfriend, Selena Gomez, being banned from contacting him seeing after her rehab stint earlier this month, a DUI trial date set for March 3 and a first court appearance for the alleged assault on March 10 — it’s small wonder Justin hotfooted it to more welcoming climes in Atlanta.