Forever 21 Threatens Blogger Who Decides To Mock Them

A blogger who created the website WTForever21 has been threatened with a lawsuit by the retailer, apparently they have decided that being associated with the "F-word" was too much for their image.

Satirist Rachel Kane created the site to poke fun at the company and as she points out to the Village Voice it's an ironic turn for a company who was sued for copyright infringement themselves when they ripped off designers ranging from Diane Von Furstenberg and Gwen Stefani to Anna Sui.

As the name suggest, Kane looks at certain Forever 21 fashions that make people think "WTF? Were they thinking with that design?"

It should be noted that Kane makes it very apparently clear that her work is not associated with the company and since she is using satire to portray the stores designs there's a good chance the suit won't go anywhere.

While she sends many visitors to the official Forever21 site (or so she claims) the company could care less and is giving her until Friday to remove the site before they file a copyright infringement case.