Nine year old Alec Grevin writes advice book, gets a film deal

That nine year old “expert” on girls, Alec Grevin has had his advice book “How to Talk To Girls” optioned by Twentieth Century Fox to make a movie.

The deal encompasses four volumes. Which is great news for us, as we can look forward to another 3 volumes of drivel from the precocious Alec Griven.

According to Variety “20th production co-president Alex Young sparked to the story of Greven.”

The studio hasn’t set a writer yet or assigned a producer, which means there is still hope that this movie may not be made.

Grevin who was 8 when he started writing the book did it for a third grade school assignment, to help classmates break the ice with members of the opposite sex.

We wrote about his book when it first became a hit. His advice which includes such genius as show off your skills, like playing soccer, or sometimes a girl ditches you. Life is hard, move in.

Riveting stuff. I would rather gouge out my eyeballs with a fork than watch this movie. I can’t wait for the movie.

See the video of Grevin on Ellen below. Last time I wrote about Grevin I copped some flack for daring to suggest Alec Grevin was annoying and that he should enjoy his 15 minutes of fame because when he gets to high school, he’ll have no friends.

If you are going to type that I am b*tch or a jealous h8ter in the comments, please type something more original kthxbai.