Justin Bieber Back In Atlanta For New Album? Surprises At Ice-Hockey Game, Meets T-Pain

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Justin Bieber is back in "second home" Atlanta after a controversial flight to New Jersey and a less-than-welcome Super Bowl weekend in New York.

So where did the Canadian singer head for in the city he first moved to in 2008 to join Usher and manager Scooter Braun to launch his career?

An ice rink, of course.

On Tuesday, February 4, Bieber joined the AtIanta Knights juniors for an impromptu evening ice-hockey practice session.

The teen singer later took to Twitter to thank the team, as well as posting an Instagram video and snaps of himself on the ice. He also retweeted messages from some of the players.

Ivan Rodriguez, an employee at the rink, shared to Celebuzz, "No one knew he was coming. He said he just wanted to skate a little. He said he missed playing hockey and he wanted to get some ice."

He told the outlet they let Justin borrow skates and equipment for free, adding that the team "were star-struck, but they let him join in all the plays."

And so unfolded the incongruous sight of a gold chains-wearing Biebs engaging in a spot of stick clipping as he raced for the puck.

High School students Alex Ruggerio and Ally McCarthy --- who rushed down to the Marietta Ice Center after Alex's skater brother told her of the superstar in their midst --- posted photos of Bieber.

"Two limos pulled up and Justin walked right out with his entourage," Ruggerio recalled to Access Atlanta.

She added,"He skated awhile and then said 'hey' to a few of my friends. He was there for about an hour. Initially he was allowing people to take pictures of him, but then he was like 'nah,' and then got really annoyed at everyone and left."

McCarthy added Bieber was "really good!" on the ice.

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) February 5, 2014

(Photo via Alex Ruggiero)

Justin Bieber Returns To Atlanta, Georgia

(Photo via Alex Ruggiero)

Justin Bieber And T-Pain Meet Up In Atlanta

(Photo: via T-Pain Instagram)

Also sighted at a local gym where he lifted weights, shirtlessly naturally, Justin later unwound after his ice-hockey mobbing by dropping by rapper T-Pain's home.

T-Pain instagrammed two pictures of their meet. One of himself, wife Amber Najm, and the 19-year-old smiling in his recording studio.

He captioned it, "I'm still up working w/ @painzgirl & @justinbieber."

And it wasn't all music. The rapper also posted a shot of the pair playing a speed racing video game.

Justin Bieber And T-Pain

(Photo: via T-Pain Instagram)

Evidently delighted to be back in Atlanta, on Wednesday Bieber tweeted,

"Back in my second home. Good to be back. Focused on building up positive energy."

A shout-out to T-Pain some time after their meet read, "Good creating with @TPAIN last night. Be creative."

Bieber is currently at the center of a legal firestorm. Hit with DUI and other charges following his January 23 arrest in Miami Beach while allegedly drag racing, he has also been charged with assault over an alleged attack on a Toronto limo driver.

The pop prince has pleaded not guilty to all three charges in the DUI case and the trial start is March 3.

Regarding the alleged assault, the singer's legal team insist he is innocent. The teen remains a suspect in an ongoing felony vandalism and assault investigation back in Los Angeles after a neighbor accused him of egging his home earlier this month.

Now, to that rumor about Bieber recording a new album in Atlanta. It comes via an unofficial source, but a source nevertheless.

One of the Atlanta Knights players, known as @GoodGuyGagner on Twitter, told a random user that Bieber said he planned on staying in Atlanta for a month to record his new album.

We'll have to wait and see if that pans out.

— ɹəuƃɐƃ (@GoodGuyGagner) February 6, 2014