Jamie Dornan Getting Ready To Leave ‘Fifty Shades’ Set For ‘The Fall’ Shoot

Hunky Irish actor Jamie Dornan, who plays the billionaire magnate Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Of Grey, is getting ready to leave the steamy shoot for another set as he is scheduled to start filming the second season of the series The Fall.

Social media has been bombarded with photos and news from the filming of the E.L. James adaptation in Vancouver, Canada, which show Dornan with co-star Dakota Johnson in the role of his love interest, recent college graduate Anastasia Steele.

After receiving a less than positive reaction when his name was announced as the definitive Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan now has legions of fans who follow his every move on the set of Fifty Shades.

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Those who read the James book and anticipated the adaptation, cried foul when Jamie Dornan’s name was announced for the main role, as many believed someone such as Matt Bomer or Henry Cavill was the “ideal” Christian Grey.

Part of his agreement to play the racy character was that he would be available to film The Fall in late January or early February, when shooting was supposed to resume for Season 2.

Executive Producer Gub Neal insisted Fifty Shades wouldn’t interfere with Jamie Dornan’s obligations towards The Fall, which will film in Belfast:

“We have been talking to Jamie for nine months about his role and The Fall schedule is not affected in any way. We begin filming at the end of January, beginning of February, and it is a 16 week shoot and nothing has changed.”

Photoset: jamie-dornan: Promotional photos of The Fall http://t.co/TV9Id2G40u http://t.co/n2RMbFl7LG

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Photoset: jamie-dornan: Jamie Dornan as the creepy Paul Spector ~The Fall Episode 3 “Insolence & Wine” [X] http://t.co/hjPLf6IB1o

— Jamie Dornan ∞ (@JamieDornan4eva) February 2, 2014

The Belfast Telegraph reports that filming for The Fall will begin at the end of this month, starring Dornan and X-Files star Gillian Anderson.

Both Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson’s commitments forced the production to move the shooting date to the end of this month.

Anderson has been tied up filming the NBC drama Hannibal in Toronto, while Dornan has been busy with Fifty Shades.

The popular crime drama is looking for a young woman aged between 18-21 with youthful looks to play the role of 16-year-old schoolgirl Daisy – a friend of babysitter Katie, who featured in the first series.

Daisy is described as a “glamorous and confident” character that “all the boys want to be with and all the girls want to be.” The actress needs a locally based actress with a Northern Irish accent, and previous acting experience.

Ohhh my….This is so beautiful! What a great father <3 #jamiedornan pic.twitter.com/8g1I1FowPV

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Jamie Dornan is not only busy with his filming career, but he and wife Amelia welcomed a baby girl in November.