Duggar Family Hit the Slopes as Season 5 Continues

Season 5 of ’19 Kids and Counting‘ continues tonight with a hour long special which will feature the Duggars hitting the ski slopes of Colorado.

Previews showed that the popular Christian family of 21 had to pack 100 pairs of pants, 200 shirts, 300 pairs of socks, and 56 pairs of shoes just to accommodate their needs for the trip.

Parents Michelle and Bob- who prefers to be called Jim Bob- also revealed that the already large family is about to grow even more this summer as their son Joshua and his wife, Anna, are expecting a second child of their own very shortly.

In a recent interview by the Today show, the Duggars were asked how they financially are able to support so many children in an apparently struggling economy.

Their simple response was “wise investments and ultimately a reliance on God.”

“We have invested in some commercial real estate over the years and we have all that paid for, and so we get some rental income. So really we’re kind of insulated from the financial situation that the country’s in,” Jim Bob said. “We’ve had a few renters that have moved out… but the Lord has always met our needs. It’s amazing, since we’ve had our children and expanded our family, God has always just increased our income, just a little bit, more to take care of it.”

Here is a sneak peak of the “Duggars go Skiing” episode courtesy of TLC: