Do the Green Bay Packers have a Super Bowl hangover?

Over the past several years we have heard about teams winning the Super Bowl and then heading into the next season with a bit of a post championship hangover. Right now the Green bay Packers are getting a lot of flak for not holding, more specifically no players stepping up to organize, player organized practices for the reigning Super Bowl Champs. It makes me owner if we are seeing the beginning stages of a post Super Bowl Hangover for the Green Bay Packers.

So a few of the talking heads over at that four letter network have criticized the leaders of the Packers, specifically Aaron Rodgers and Donald Driver, for not getting the roster together to practice without direction on some crappy high school field somewhere. On top of that I am sure the idiots at the four letter network would want friends and family to donate their time to insure the media is kept at bay. In a word all of this is ridiculous.

There is nothing to be gained from these types of workouts. Well nothing beyond bonding with your teammates which can be accomplished at a bar or on the golf course. Players need coaches to direct practices help identify problems and what not. Otherwise it is grown men running around with pads and possible picking up bad habits. Sports is about reps which is short for repetition, I don’t want someone messing up his system practicing without his coach.

I don’t know if the Green Bay Packers have a Super Bowl hangover, because they have yet to do anything that matters. We shall see if they do once the regular season gets here, whenever that is.

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