TOMS Shoes Announces One-For-One Eyewear Program

TOMS Shoes is famous for giving away one pair of shoes to someone in need for each pair they sell and now the company has announced that they are entering the eyewear industry with the exact same type of charitable business model.

For each pair of TOMS eyewear sold the company will offer prescription glasses, sight-saving medical treatment and eye surgery to someone in need.

The Seva Foundation will run the program, TOMS calls Seva their “Sight Giving Partner.”

Founder Blake Mycoskie has personally delivered more than 1 million pairs of shoes to children in need throughout the U.S., Argentino, Ethiopia and South Africa.

Speaking to Fast Company Mycoskie said:

“What we’ve seen with our shoes is that they really help people with two basic needs: education and being able to work and have a livelihood,” and “As I traveled around the world, I started to see more people who were visually impaired or blind living these desolate experiences. As I started asking question about what they needed, it was so simple. They either needed glasses, cataract surgery, or medical treatment.”

The company’s new sunglasses are already available for $135 per pair.