Solar Flares: NOAA Says 80 Percent Chance Of Earth-Directed Eruptions Today

Tara Dodrill

Earth-directed M-Class solar flares have an 80 percent chance of impacting the planet today, according to NOAA forecasters. The national weather researchers also noted that a 50 percent chance of X-Class solar flares hitting Earth exists. Sunspot AR-1967 has moved into a position to make such coronal mass ejections possible over the course of the last few days.

A photo from California amateur astronomer Sergio Castillo depicted the flurry of activity occurring on the Sun due to the active sunspot. The image Castillo deemed "just amazing" highlights a pair of magnetic filaments as they reach out from the active solar flare region. Sunspot AR-1967 is reportedly an unstable delta class magnetic field which harbors enough energy to produce strong solar flares. The sunspot is now located in the center of the solar disk, making an eruptions occurring today most likely Earth-directed.

Excerpt from a Space Weather report about Sunspot AR-1967:

"Carried along by the sun's 27-day rotation, big sunspot AR1967 is turning away from Earth. Ironically this is making the active region even more dangerous. AR1967 is moving toward a location where the sun's spiraling magnetic field is well-connected to our planet and energetic particles can be funneled in our direction. An explosion there could spark a radiation storm around Earth."

earth directed solar flares

In the film and prospective TV series, The Carrington Event, director/producer Rob Underhill paints a bleak picture of civilization turned barbarism just weeks after the short-out of the American electric grid. The grid failure is caused by a solar super storm that envelopes the planet.

"With the incredible increase of frequency of storms as well as the growing intensity, it is merely a matter of time until a storm the size of the historic Carrington Event of 1859 happens in modern time. So, when it does, we best be ready, or else I don't have a show to put on the air… there'll be no TV, no internet, not even mainstream radio to carry my show! It is heartening that more seriousness is being given this real threat. For one, I have hopes more solid good and planning will come out of the November 13 power grid drill."