13 Minutes Worth of New Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay

Infinity Ward was on stage during Microsoft’s E3 press conference yesterday to show off a healthy chunk of Modern Warfare 3 gameplay. If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your appetite for Call of Duty, GameTrailers has 13 minutes of gameplay for you.

The video shows an unknown soldier waking up in the ruins of a crashed Military Humvee with attacks from invading Russian forces going on all around him. He battles his way through Wall Street on his way to take down a target. As you’d expect out of a Call of Duty game, things go horribly wrong along the way.

If all of that sounds good to you – and I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t – you can check it out in all its glory below. In case you were wondering, this footage is different from what was shown during Microsoft’s E3 2011 press conference. If you missed the very first footage from E3, you can also find that embedded at the bottom of the post.