DASH Diet Named Best Overall Weight Loss Plan

The most efficient route to weight loss is a hotly contested topic- many believe a behavior modification based plan like Weight Watchers is the best way to reform eating habits, while others insist the ketogenic aspects of plans like the Atkins Diet are the key to long lasting weight management.

U.S. News ranked 22 diets- some well-known and some less prominent- using a panel of nearly two dozen experts. And the results favored a lesser known plan when all the evidence was weighed:

A panel of 22 experts in diet and nutrition, as well as specialists in diabetes and heart disease, said it was heart-healthy and nutritionally sound. DASH “looked like an All-Star,” according to the rankings, and “though obscure, beat out a field full of better-known diets.” In addition to helping deflate high blood pressure, the plan will likely help dieters shed pounds, too. Three diets tied at No. 2: the Mediterranean Diet, the TLC Diet, and Weight Watchers. “The goal of the Best Diets rankings is to help consumers find authoritative guidance on healthful diets that will work for them over the long haul,” said Lindsay Lyon, U.S. News‘s Health News Editor.

The site weighed the diets against the same basic set of criteria:

  • short-term weight loss
  • long-term weight loss
  • how easy it is to follow
  • its nutritional completeness
  • safety
  • ability to prevent or manage diabetes
  • ability to prevent or manage heart disease

You can read the full report here. Have you tried any of these diets? Do you have a favored healthy eating strategy?