Breaking Bad's 'Better Call Saul' Announces November Release

Since Breaking Bad started to air its final eight episodes, we've heard bits and pieces about its new spin-off prequel series Better Call Saul. The show will take cues from the brilliant mind behind Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, who will also executive produce the show with writer Peter Gould.

Although Better Call Saul was announced back in April, information hasn't trickled in as quickly as we would have hoped. Back in the earlier stages, there were rumors about what the show might entail, and what favorite Breaking Bad characters might possibly appear. Even now, there's still speculation over who will be guest starring. That said, we do have some concrete information to share about the Better Call Saul series.

As for when the show will debut, it was finally announced that Better Call Saul will have a November airing on AMC. In an effort to make sure the show picks up an audience after its airing, Netflix has signed a deal with the AMC show to stream the spinoff.

The service alone has proven to be a huge influence on shows that are on the bubble, or those that are in need of a few more fans to stay alive. In addition, Netflix has been a huge player in amassing a whole new audience by picking up shows like Scandal, The Killing, and Breaking Bad while also running their own original programs. Due to the culture of binge watching, Netflix has been the ideal platform to experiment with how viewers watch multiple arcs, and how they engage with a show as a whole.

As many of you know, Better Call Saul will be a bit different from Breaking Bad because it's not focusing on a character with a bleak future ahead of him. Although the show is still technically a drama, it's going to be a lighthearted one as it follow's Bob Odenkirk's scheming lawyer Saul. The Breaking Bad spinoff will center around Saul's earlier days before Jesse Pinkman introduced him to Walter White.

So what can fans of Breaking Bad expect from the new show? Gilligan told Rolling Stone the following:

"It will be Saul Goodman's world, it won't be Walter White's, and it will have a different feel, even though there will be some overlap on the Venn diagram that exists between Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul."
In terms of the cast, Bob Odenkirk in the starring role of Saul is a given, but one other surprise came a few days ago when it was announced that Jonathan Banks will be included in the new show. On Breaking Bad, Jonathan Banks played Mike the fixer, who was known for being a tough guy with a soft side for his granddaughter and Jesse Pinkman.

In terms of Breaking Bad's other characters carrying over to the new series, not much is known, but guest appearances by Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman were brought up numerous times.