New York City Huddles To Tackle Two More Snow Storms After Surviving The Super Bowl

It has already been a very snowy winter in New York City, with several major storms pushing street cleaning crews to the limit. After the massive clean-up for the Super Bowl, there is still no rest for the weary, and more of the white powdery stuff is expected this week, with not one, but two storms.

As if things aren’t bad enough already, with piles of snow on the streets and massive traffic jams, more of the same is the last thing beleaguered city dwellers need. The National Weather Service predicted five to eight inches of snow on Monday and issued a Winter Storm Warning for the area as hundreds of flights were canceled.

The good news is that this was a fast moving storm, and it cleared New York City by the late afternoon. The bad news is that the weather pattern is still determined to torment New Yorkers, and another system may dump more heavy snow on the city over the weekend.

The Big Apple got lucky for the Super Bowl, and the snow stopped long enough to allow the Seattle Seahawks to crush the Denver Broncos on Sunday. However, Mother Nature is not known for her kindness, and six hours after the big game, the snow came back with a vengeance.

Following the Super Bowl, a storm dumped up to eight inches on an empty MetLife stadium, and many of those attending the game were stuck at airports in the New York City area after their flights were cancelled.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio — who was heavily criticized for apparently ignoring the wealthiest neighborhood in town, the Upper East Side of Manhattan, during the last big storm — said in a statement that the Monday storm was only the beginning of the wintry weather for residents:

“The fact is that we are facing not one, not two, but three storms potentially this week,” he told reporters at a news conference. His Honor, the Mayor, explained that the Monday storm would be the heaviest; followed by a short break, then another system on Tuesday, and a third storm over the weekend.

Stressing that New York City was using an aggressive plowing system, he urged residents to stay off the roads and use public transportation so road crews can do their job without passenger cars blocking their way.

“I don’t ever expect my fellow New Yorkers to be patient. I don’t think that’s part of our nature or our character. But I do think people should recognize there is a progression,” de Blasio said of the Sanitation Department’s projected routes.

The Weather Service has — once again — issued issued winter storm warnings from midnight to 6 pm for New York City, northeast New Jersey, southern Connecticut, and most of upstate New York where predictions estimate up to 20 inches of snow in some areas.

“We got one to deal with Tuesday night into Wednesday, and probably another one over the weekend,” Accuweather senior meteorologist Tom Kines told the Daily News on Monday. “Both of those storms can bring rain, as well as snow, to the area.”

Come what may, New York City’s intrepid citizens will do what they have done for centuries and persevere. They will dig-out from under millions of tons of snow, clear the streets, and go about the business of enjoying life in the always amazing Big Apple.