Nissan LEAF 2014 Sales Losing Power During Cold January For Plug In Vehicles

The 2014 Nissan LEAF has stumbled out of the starting block in terms of sales compared to last years explosive growth. Although last year’s second best selling plug in vehicle had a record January, it was the lowest total the Japanese based company had seen for the car since February 2013. In January 2014, 1,252 Nissan LEAF units were delivered, an impressive 92.6 percent jump over the 650 sent out last January.

Overall, Nissan sold 22,610 LEAFs in the U.S. last year, more than double its 2012 total of 9,819. Meanwhile, they surpassed the coveted 100,000 mark since it went on the market in 2010. However, there was a dip in sales from the December mark of 2,529 units sold to the 1,252 this January. Market analysts were projecting a big year and a big start from the Nissan LEAF. The primary boost was expected to come from moving a manufacturing plant stateside in Smyrna, TN.

The dip in sales is somewhat to be expected. In the last quarter of the year, electronic vehicles get a serious sales boost because of the large tax credit that comes with eco friendly purchases. Also, the incredibly cold winter has led to less shopping and car buying nationwide, leaving electronic vehicles in the cold. Electric vehicle sales have experienced a tremendous amount of growth since 2011, when they became a real force on the market. Sales have increased from 17,425 in 2011 to 95,099 in 2013.

So while the start to 2014 may not be good for electric vehicles, they are not going anywhere. In particular, the Nissan LEAF is still poised to have a remarkable year. With larger cargo capacity, an on board charger, and performance that rivals many gasoline vehicles in its class, the 2014 Nissan Leaf is a serious competitor. It does not often get many points for style, but it makes up for it in road tests.

Nissan as a whole is prepared to dive deeper into the alternative fuel market moving forward. They have confirmed that they are working on a whole line of electric cars, featuring a sleeker, sportier model. As the company continues to perform well overall in sales, they have the opportunity to explore new options. There have even been hints at a self driving vehicle by 2020.

The base model 2014 Nissan LEAF starts at $28,980, although the higher end models can go for just under $40,000.