[Video] Tonje Langeteig ‘I Don’t Wanna Be A Crappy Housewife’

Crappy beat and annoying chorus? Check. Tacky clothes that are two sizes too small? Double check. Apparently today that is all that is necessary to create a viral music video.

With awesome lyrics like “When I’m six feet under, when I’m dead. I don’t want dirt on me but makeup instead,” how could you go wrong?

Folks are comparing Tonje Langeteig’s I Don’t Wanna Be A Crappy Housewife to the laughable Rebecca Black Youtube hit, Friday.

In her bizzare video, Norwegian Langeteig makes it clear that the ‘disco’ is the place to be in order to stay young and avoid the perils associated with a ‘crappy housewife.’

Talk is cheap though, so check out the video in all its amazing glory for yourself below: