12-Year-Old Boy Charged With Beating Toddler Half Brother To Death

Cristian Fernandez, a 12-year-old Florida boy was charged this week with beating his 2-year-old half-brother to death.

According to reports the 2-year-old, David Galarriago was hospitalized for two days with a “severe skull fracture” and facial bruising before he passed away.

Fernandez admitted his part in the beating death of his half-brother and admitted that he broke his little brothers leg several months earlier.

According to the boys arresting police, if he is convicted of first-degree murder he could spend life in prison.

Speaking to the New York Daily News the State Attorney said: “It’s disturbing—but when you have to balance the safety of other children in the home and in the community, it is not so disturbing”

The boys mother covered up the broken leg and other beatings and also faces charges for that reason.