Need to Rent a Grandma? Now you can

Who doesn’t love grandma? She bakes, tells awesome stories about the “Good ol’ days,” and most importantly cares more about your kids than updating her Facebook status with her latest ‘planking’ pics.

So what about those of us who no longer have grandma in our lives? A Los Angeles-based employment services believes they have found the answer – Rent-a-Grandma.

Rent-a-Grandma, founded by Long Island native Todd Bliss, provides carefully screened women age 50 and over for individuals seeking services such as child care, elder care, housekeeping, cooking, estate management, and pet sitting.

“Women in their 50s don’t text or tweet while they’re watching your kids,” Bliss said. “There’s no replacement for experience.”

According to Bliss the company currently has 40 to 45 women working in the L.A. area working at rates that range between $16 and $23 an hour. The women pay the company an employment fee and/or a percentage of their hourly compensation.

Prior to founding RAG, Bliss had worked as a studio teacher in Hollywood tutoring children in the entertainment industry on location. After constantly overhearing parents complain about difficultly in finding competent domestic assistance, a light bulb went off in Bliss’ head and Rent-a-Grandma was born.

For more information regarding the company, its services, or franchising opportunities, head over to the official website.

via CSM