Is Chris Brown Coming Home Early from Rehab for Girlfriend Tran?

Things are looking up for Chris Brown. He has a scheduled rehab release date of February 19, and after completing 90-days of anger management, it seems that Brown believes he is ready to get back to the basics by doing what he does best; focusing on music. In addition, it appears that he's ready to leave Rihanna in the past by settling down with his current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

Chris Brown's lovely girlfriend has been completely supportive of him since he was court-ordered to go to rehab after violating his probation. In fact, she spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with him in rehab, and even chose to skip out on all of the New Year's fun by staying with Brown at the facility. Now that the couple has adjusted to Brown being in treatment, what does this mean for them once he's released in the next couple of weeks?

According to Tran, she's ready to settle down and get started on having a family. In fact, she said that she wants her family to start before she turns 30. That leaves her a bit of time since she's only 25. Is Chris Brown ready for a family? Only time will tell.

A lot of people are wondering if Brown will be able to smooth talk his way out of rehab early so he can surprise his lovely girlfriend on Valentine's Day. While money can buy a lot of things in life, we must say that Chris Brown probably can't buy his way out of finishing his rehab stint. In fact, that would be downright wrong to all others who have been ordered to complete rehab and had to stay their entire 90 days.

We understand that Tran really wants Chris Brown out of rehab. After all, she told Montreality that even though Brown showers her with gifts, she would much rather have quality time with him. Honestly, we don't know what she's complaining about. She should be happy that she's got to spend so much time with him since he entered rehab. Most rehab centers don't allow for visitors, much less on such a frequent basis.

Whether or not Brown is released early, there's no doubt that these two love birds will be spending Valentine's Day together. And maybe, just maybe, Brown will pop that big question to Tran, and they can get started on living a settled down life, something that Chris Brown isn't used to.