Westboro Baptist Church Protests Catholic Church Before Super Bowl

Westboro Baptist Church is taking this years Super Bowl protest to the doorstep of three churches as well. The now infamous church of “hate” has been picketing major cultural events for years. Protesting the Super Bowl is one of their yearly stops. This year, Westboro Baptist Church decided to target three churches before hitting Met Life stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.

Their primary reason for protesting the Super Bowl this year is same-sex marriage. As clearly seen from their website “godhatesfags.com” they believe that God is angry and seeking to destroy all evil-doers, including homosexuals. They believe picketing is their way of letting people know that God is angry, but if they repent and follow their teachings, they can be saved.

Margie Phelps, daughter of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps, said, “It’s a nice large crowd to remind them that if they put as much resources into reading the bible and obeying God as they do in the Super Bowl, this nation wouldn’t be doomed.”

Before taking their street preaching and sign holding to their location a mile away from Met Life stadium, they spent the morning protesting three different churches.

The first stop on their Super Bowl protest tour was Grace Church in Newark, NJ. Westboro Baptist Church wrote on their scheduling website (yes they have a schedule of protests), “WBC will picket Grace Church in Newark to remind these people that fags doom nations.” Grace Church in Newark states on their welcome page, “We are young and old, married and single, gay and straight.” This level of openness caught the eye of the protestors and from 8:30am-9am on Super Bowl Sunday, they stood outside picketing.

Next on their “God hates” tour was the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart also in Newark. The Catholic church has long earned the hatred of Westboro Baptist Church and this is their token picketing of a church they refer to as the “whore”. Their summary of the Catholic church is, “PRIESTS RAPE BOYS! HOW EVIL IS THAT?!”

The final stop before the Super Bowl is a return location for Westboro Baptist Church. New Hope Baptist Church in Newark was the church home of Whitney Houston, where her funeral was held. The WBC picketers took the opportunity of her death to share their message with a watching world. New Hope Baptist Church is being picketed supposedly because of their name. The WBC website says, “WBC to picket The New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, NJ to remind them that their only ‘hope’ is to read the Bible and follow the words, fearing God and keeping his commandments.”

If you could respond to the Westboro Baptist Church protestors, what would you say?