Rare Land Lobsters returned to wild. Mmmmm…Land Lobsters

Land Lobsters have been returned to their native habitat on Australia’s Lord Howe Island.

Before you lick your lips with the thought of being able to capture Lobster without the need for a lobster pot or scuba gear, the Land Lobster is actually the Lord Howe island stick insect, which grows to 6 inches (15cm) long, and don’t make a tasty seafood dish.

The Land Lobsters were wiped out after a supply ship brought rats to the island in 1918 and were thought to be extinct, until in 2001 a tiny population was discovered clinging to the edge a rocky outcrop 12 miles off the island.

According to the ABC, the 10 males and 10 females will be on display at a special facility built within the island’s native plant nursery.