‘Resident Evil 6’ Release Date Isn’t Coming Until Late 2015

The Resident Evil 6 release date will not be hitting in September 2014 as director Paul W. S. Anderson originally planned. While some fans had probably abandoned the film series after the second one, others might be disappointed to know they will have to wait at least another year.

Resident Evil is the most successful movie series based on a video game ever made, bringing in a massive audience which craves zombie-based carnage. Milla Jovovich plays the role of Alice, a woman at the center of a massive conspiracy by the Umbrella Corporation to sell viral weaponry to countries around the world. The problem with this viral weapon is that it turns whoever it infects into a flesh-eating monster which will stop at nothing short of severe head trauma to get its next meal.

After the first movie, the films started using monsters that supposedly evolved into something more lethal. With the reintroduction of 3D into cinema, Resident Evil: Afterlife starting putting its more intense imagery further into the spotlight. The series has become more and more visually impressive, so we can expect more of the same over-the-top performance and special effects we’ve come to know.

The reason for the delay of the Resident Evil 6 release date is that Paul W. S. Anderson told the press his wife and star Milla Jovovich is busy filming something else for now (according to IMDb, that would be Cymbeline). Afterwards, he plans to take a vacation with their children.

The film does not have an official title yet and is not yet in production. Nothing is known of the plot at this time, other than what was teased at the end of Resident Evil: Retribution as “humanity’s last stand.”

Fans of the franchise can rest assured that Resident Evil 6 is in the works, but a late 2014 release is simply pushing it. Even Michael Bay had problems dealing with the rushed release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, essentially making it one of the worst movies ever made in recent history.

Fans of the games the films are based on have been slamming the Resident Evil series for years now, and that’s not likely to end until the series does. We can only hope that the Resident Evil 6 release date marks the end of the series, like its predecessor seemed to promise.