Did Prozac Cause Teenager to Kill? Psychiatrist Says Yes

Kim LaCapria

A Canadian teenager who has pled guilty to murdering a friend may have experienced severe violent impulses due to the use of Prozac, a New York psychiatrist has testified.

The 17-year-old teen, who was not named in the media, stabbed a 15-year-old friend after the other teen caused damage to a hardwood floor in his friend's home. The disproportionately angry response, explains Dr. Peter Breggin, is a not-unknown side effect of the antidepressant Prozac. Dr. Breggin stated:

"There is no reason other than a Prozac reaction," said Dr. Peter Breggin, a New York state-based psychiatrist and author of the book, Talking Back to Prozac. "(The killing) is a mystery without that."
"It was a prescription for violence," Breggin wrote in a report commissioned by the defence. "Within a reasonable degree of medical certainty, I believe that Prozac drove (the accused) into a state of severe agitation with manic-like symptoms including mood swings, confusion, irrationality, extreme irritability, hostility and violence."