LA gets its own Tech News and Gossip site Lalawag

Sean Percival, formerly with Mahalo and known to many as a strong Second Life advocate (he also wrote a book on the subject) has launched Lalawag, a tech gossip and news blog for Southern California.

Percival says that there’s a burgeoning startup tech scene here in Los Angeles, but no one really documenting it, at least not in a significant way.

The site will cover tech news and gossip, but despite the name it’s not a SoCal Valleywag, although it will have elements of Valleywag with former Valleywag intern and one of my favorite TechCrunch commenters (well, at least when I wasn’t the target) Alaska Miller joining the team as well.

Along with local news, the site will document news outside the region, and offers syndicated links to news in New York and Silicon Alley.

We wish Sean and the team luck, and I’ve added the RSS feed to GReader.