New Xbox 360 Headsets from Mad Catz Revealed

Mad Catz announced back in June that the company was partnering with Microsoft to bring a line of exclusive licensed wireless headsets to Xbox 360 sometime this year. Thanks to IGN, today we now know a little more about that project.

The new line of headsets are being developed by Mad Catz subsidiary Tritton. The three headsets revealed include WarHead 7.1, the premium offering with Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, and Dolby Headphone decoding support; Devastator, the middle-ground wireless option with stereo sound; Detonator, the entry-level (and wired) version, also with stereo sound.

The wireless headsets, WarHead and Devastator, utilizes 5.8 GHz wireless tech and come packaged in with a base station that only requires two wires: a USB cable to power the thing and optical digital / stereo RCA cables. Mad Catz claims the included base station can pump out enough bandwidth to support up to four wireless headsets at once.

There’s no word on what these bad boys will wind up costing you when they release this holiday season, but Mad Catz promises that they’ll be “under $300”, for what that’s worth. Are you interested in picking one of these up if the price is right?

via Joystiq