White Rhino Dies in Captivity, Lived Nearly 40 Years

A white rhino, one of the world's most endangered species which was being housed at a Czech Republic Zoo died this week, the rhino was nearly 40 years old.

According to a spokesperson for the zoo, Nesari died in her sleep on May 26, while they added that the rhino's death is an "irretrievable loss."

After the death the zoo is left with just one white rhino named Nabire who is already 30 years old.

Found mostly in middle and southern African countries there are two types of white rhino's left the "Southern White Rhino" and the Northern White Rhino. Nesari was a North White Rhino, the more rare of the two species.

Researchers were only able to find four White Rhinos in the wild five years ago, however they have since lost track of those animals, leading some to assume that the animals are now extinct in the wild, a consideration that has led to emergency breeding programs in captivity to help save the species.

Two white rhino's can currently be observed at the San Diego Zoo.