Chicago Museum Of Science and Industry: Month At The Museum Campaign

For the last 2+ years I have been a senior writer and editor for The Inquisitr, during that time I have developed a wonderful relationship with many of our 8 million+ readers and now I am excited to announce the next “hopeful” chapter in my life.

As many of our readers may have learned the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (@msichicago) is ready to host their next “Month at the Museum” writer winner and the person who takes this top prize will be asked to stay in the museum for 30 days without leaving to report on their findings.

As many of you are aware I have written numerous articles for our science section at and I would be honored to keep that tradition alive in participation with the museum that my wife and I visit on a regular basis (we live just 90 minutes away).

To help me get nominated I would appreciate anyone who could post the follow message on both their Twitter and Facebook Accounts:

@MSIChicago Choose @Techobsessed for #MATM2. He’s ready to explore everything you have to offer.

If I am chosen as the next semi-permanent resident of the museum I will be sure to update all of our readers each and every day about my experiences living in one of the worlds top science and industry museums, in what I consider to be the best city on the planet.

If you want to show your support in any other manner, here’s the official month at the museum link:

Again…you can also tweet the following message to support my cause:

@MSIChicago Choose @Techobsessed for #MATM2. He’s ready to explore everything you have to offer.