Mark Wahlberg 40 Years Young Today

Mark Wahlberg, the actor/rapper who recently took home the ‘Guy Movie of the Year award’, turned 40 today.

Wahlberg, who was known as Marky Mark throughout the 90’s when he toured with then-band Marky Mark and Funky Bunch, has came quite a long way in his entertainment career.

From Calvin Klein model to hit TV show Entourage producer to Oscar nominee (Departed and The Fighter), Wahlberg has seemingly ‘done it all.’

To celebrate the big Four – O, Contactmusic has posted a couple of fascinating facts about the star.

  1. Wahlberg’s upbringing in Boston, Massachusetts was far from ideal – he landed in trouble with the law more than 20 times and had developed a cocaine addiction by the time he was 13. He turned his life around after spending 45 days behind bars for assault when he was 16.
  2. He installed a boxing ring in his house and trained for four years to prepare to play boxer Micky Ward in The Fighter. His hard work paid off – the drama, which he produced, was nominated for six Academy Awards in 2011.
  3. He took his wife Rhea Durham to church on their first date. They have been married since 2009 and are parents to two sons and two daughters.
  4. He is a devoted Roman Catholic and starts every day by praying for 10 minutes.

Happy B-Day Mr. Wahlberg, may your years ahead be full of ‘good vibrations.’